WIRELESS BEACON TRANSMITTER Instructional Handbook. Trinity House. Approx 1926.

Click to hear FB FB FB in morse!
(326bytes midi)

A fasinating workshop handbook for the WIRELESS BEACON TRANSMITTER (WB2 TX) for Flamborough Head Light House. The station code was "FB" sent in morse code (during fair weather) every 6 minutes on 289Kc/s. The wavelength of transmission was 1,000 meters, and the system of transmission was that known as Interrupted Continuous Wave (I.C.W.) During fog weather the signal was repeated once every 4 minutes. The morse letters "FB" were repeated continuously for approx. 48 seconds, followed by a prolonged dash of 10 seconds duration and finally by one repetition of the call sign ("FB"), the whole transmission occupying a total period of exactly 60 seconds.

The Marconi morse key AS No300A was used on this station in emergencies only. Such as failure of the timing clocks.

Below is a picture titled "GENERAL LAY-OUT OF PLANT AND APPARATUS"

This final example from the book is the "WIRELESS PLANT. Pictorial Diagram". The Marconi key AS300A would have been connected to the Main Switchboard - (the large wall mounted fixture to the left of center).