Australian & New Zealand Morse Keys.

A Key Or Two From Down Under!

Clipsal....... The Post Master General PMG Clipsal key. A fine key featuring two side terminals, a bakelite base measuring 4 & 1/2" by 2 & 3/4" (116mm x 71mm)and metal-work is mainly brass.


#082....... The Buzza 100.


#083...... . The Simplex Auto.


#a66...... . Louis Olsen Key. Scarce Australian key by Louis Olsen / VK4NLB

Proud owner Lyn / VK4EI sent me this picture of her scarce Olsen key, and the following information:

Louis Olsen / VK4NLB, Gordonvale, North Queensland, Australia.
Worked at Innisfail sugar mill as fitter/turner. Described as “machinist of the highest order,” “great craftsman”, “true perfectionist”. 9 keys known with collectors and are noted as being North Queensland's Own morse keys. Louis made these keys around the 1970's and made them in at least 2 different designs. The key pictured has a base measuring 3 & 1/2" by 2 & 1/4" (90mm x 55mm). Louis also made fully working miniature steam engines complete with small boilers.
(Overhead rear contacts on this model.)

#a67...... . On the right is another Louis Olsen key. Note the variations in design, I believe that there were at least two changes in design. This key has a replacement finger piece.


#a68...... Two Louis Olsen Keys.......Mike Patterson / VK4MIK has two Louis Olsen keys. The one in the foreground is similar in design to the #a66 key, however the other is quite unique I think !


NZ GPO....... Mad keen telegraph collector from Auckland - Bruce Mai - sent me this photo, and states: "I've recently got hold of a standard GPO single current key. It has milled head terminals and turned horn knob which unscews to be screwed onto the teak base. It has makings "N * Z " (Centre mark represents a military broad arrow, NZ = New Zealand) stamped with the words "CONSOL TELE Co 1902 No: 289" on the key bar.It is housed in its own beautifully made teak case". Bruce Mai.