GW1112x......... The famous "GW" key. A large brass key on a fine Welsh slate base. The base measures about 8" by 3&1/2" (200mm by 88mm) and the key weighs 1444g (3lb 3oz).
Great praise is heaped on the key by Larry Robinson / G0HTR in the Morsum Magnificent review in issue 10, page 44.


GW1114x...... Another view of the "GW" key. A key so revered that a company even sells coasters and mousemats picturing the "GW" key.
Made by J.Wilkes of Rhyl, CLwyd, Wales, in the 1980's.


A.W.Gamage Ltd...... A.W.Gamage Ltd. This is a similar model to the "Sending Key, Commercial Type". Contacts are platinum silver alloy. Metal-work is lacquered brass and wood-work is hand finished polished mahogany.


180 181.......... A military Key WT8 Amp No2 and a WT8 Amp No2 Mk11. Circa 1940s. The key on the right has the three bridge design with a PO style spring tensioner on the middle bridge. The key on the left has no bridges plus a simplified compression spring tensioner.


184. ..... Not often seen this one: British RAF KEY WT8 Amp with its Air Ministry markings! Three bridge design again but with the simplified compression spring tensioner.


185 186...... Yet more variants here: A British KEY SIGNALLING No2, and a KEY WT8 Amp with NATO markings.


187+. ..... Two American Military Keys made for the British Army and others: WT8 Amp made by J H Bunnell, New York, USA.


189. ..... British Military Key WT8 Amp No2 Mk111-1.


190. ..... The "S-R COTEL KEY". A British key in two tone grey, made by the late Jack Sykes G3SRK, of Lingards Electronics. (See MM53 page 9).


191. .... British Military Key Type KMK 2.

  • This type of key was used with Larkspur H.F. Radio stations, types R210 / C11, C12 and C13.


    196. ..... WW1 Army Key made by EDISWAN dated 1918, serial number 6724. I believe these were known as a "Transmitter Vibrating" this one is missing its buzzer that would have been housed under a circular brass cover.


    113...... British Folding Arm Key possibly (?) used with the Fullerphone sets during the Great War c 1914 on.

    Great War Telephone Equipment.