111...... Japanese HiMound key with a heavy marble base. Type HH-710. From the HI.MOUND ELECTRO CO LTD.


121...... A nice example of the Hi-Mound key model HK-703. A clear plastic cover protects the workings and the base has a nice weight to it.


122...... The ever popular Hi-Mound HK-707.


137...... Hi-Mound HK-804. This is a real change from other Hi-Mounds. The label reads: "HI-MOUND. TELEGRAPH KEY. DELUXE HK-804. Hi-Mound Electro Co Ltd. Japan.
Top of the range key, was also available as model HK-803 with a grand three tier heavy plinth style base in orange.


161...... Every collector must have one of these! The ubiquitous Japanese copy of an American key, with roller bearings.