JRC & BENCHER Morse Code Keys.

JRC Bug Key. A fabulous BUG key by JRC and I think very very rare. This is the only the second one I have come across in ten years of collecting. The damper mechanism is cleverly designed to enable the main arm to be locked if needed. Any additional information would be most welcome.

A Very well made "Up & Downer" this one. A Navy key, the JRC KY-3A made in Japan, probably from the 1940's on.

  • Here is some most interesting info sent to me from Senior Service Engineer Stuart Schüttauf.........

    "Just to let you know that the JRC KY-3A key had been supplied with SOLAS marine radio stations until recently as Feb 1999 when GMDSS become mandatory on all SOLAS ships. I’m fairly certain it would have been first supplied in the 1950’s and possible earlier from what I could gather from the older guys at the JRC factory. The oldest I have seen is from a early 1970’s radio station and they have not changed the design, “ if it aint broke why fix it?”. From Stuart Schüttauf

    A Duo Of Benchers.

    On the left is a lovely all chrome twin paddle Bencher model BY2, and on the right my trusty old chrome with a black base (plus a little rust) BY1 that has been round the world a few times.

    A Gold Plated Bencher..

    Above is a top of the range all gold plated twin paddle Bencher model BY3.