Brown Brothers Machine Co. USA Magnetic Twin Paddle Key.

.....Brown Bros rare, possibly a prototype, magnetic Twin Lever Paddle key. No model designation known as yet, but probably best called the MTL.
I did not know the maker or model until Bob / K0CBA wrote to me informing me that this is an extremely rare Brown Brothers model Magnetic Twin Lever key. This model key was not known to even exist "in the flesh" till June 2007 !
  • " I looked closer at the "unknown key #210" key on your site I noticed the little red 'thingys' (magnets) and then I noticed the lack of adjusting screws on the top mount of the pivots. If it is the one pictured and written about in this web site (link below) under item #4, you would seem to have an unbelievably rare collectors' item". .... Bob Magraw / K0CBA.

    A link of interest re this key.

    Made as experimental prototypes, possibly five or six made, and this is the only one currently recorded with collectors. Interestingly, the top of the base has not had its final top-coat of black crackle paint applied. If you know of the whereabouts of a BBMC MTL, or have any info please email me !

    It just shows that rare and interesting keys are still out there waiting to be found ! That's what makes key collecting so much fun !