Palmer key. Made In England.

Got this very nice key from a radio rally recently. A very neat and well made brass morse code transmitting key on an ebonite (?) base measuring 5 1/2" by 3". The terminal posts are marked A, B and C, plus the contacts are also marked - "A" (the front contact), "B" (the back contact) and "C" (common). Also marked on the base is PALMER. MADE IN ENGLAND.

  • The Palmer Co. was a mystery to me, but now, as of August 2010, the mystery is solved thanks to Anton / PA3AQV " Charles Fielding Palmer, Effra Road, London, SW 2, England." Thanks Anton.

    Another Palmer morse key owned by PA3AQV. A strap key with the Palmer logo clearly visible.

    A mysterious Palmer key owned by Alexander Stel, in Holland.