I spent a few years working (??) on the MV Southern Cross, callsign C6HK9, as a musician and found the Ukrainian crew and British radio officers to be most friendly and helpful. I was permitted to operate my QRP (low power - up to 5watts) 20 meter CW morse transeiver from the aft crew deck and used my callsign of G0RDO/MM (and also VK4CXO when in Australia). Below is a picture of the ship anchored off Padang Bai, SE Bali.

Rig was a collection of six Howes Kits to give a CW 20 Meter transceiver with home brew relay TX/RX switching, a 12 Volt- 6 Amp/hour battery and a G Whip vertical antenna on a mag-mount stuck to the Trap Shoot mounting ( when they weren't using it ! ). I had hundreds of QSO's and all great fun. Some of the most enjoyable contacts were to other maritime mobile stations. A few from the log: G0DKS/mm-Ron, EA1FBJ/mm-Jose, G4WUH/mm-Ian, IK3CRK/mm, UR5FAV/mm-Alex, UT5JBZ/mm-Alex, G3OOK/mm-John, UU7JU/mm-Vic, G4NCZ/mm-John, OK4PEN/mm-Libor, ON4CAB/mm-Bart, W7SW/mm-Scotty.

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The MV SOUTHERN CROSS resplendant in her red paintwork. C6HK9 is her radio callsign. (Registered in the Bahamas).

One of the Radio Room receivers monitoring the 500KHz CW Calling/Distress frequency. Some other ships I have worked on are : La Palma ZMZBG, Dana Regina HPIE, Black Watch LFOM, World Renaissance SYJX, Crown Odyssey C6II4.

Crown Odyssey C6II4, at Puntarenas, Costa Rica, 1994 ( 9deg 54'45.50" North. 84deg 43'09.17" West). As of 2008 lengthened and re-named Balmoral [Fred Olsen Lines].

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