The Famous Swedish Pump Key c1960's.

Above is the classic Swedish morse code transmitting Pump Key made by Lennart Pettersson c1960. The wooden base measures about 5.25" long by 2.75" wide by 0.75" (134mm by 70mm by 20mm).deep and has a cavity filled with lead to give the key good stability when operating. The overall length of the key is 7.1/2" (190mm). The plaque reads: LENNART PETTERSSON & CO HOVERBERG SWEDEN. The overall design is similar to the Marconi AS300A / PS213A keys. (See MARCONI page).

Military Swedish Pump Key.

Swedish Pump Key. Fairly unusual, as it has a metal cover that means it is a model probably made for the military. This key is fairly large with the wooden base measuring about 5.25" long by 2.75" wide by 0.75" deep (134mm by 70mm by 20mm) and made by Lennart Pettersson . The overall length of the key is 7.75" (197mm). On the plaque situated on the top of the cover are the three crowns for Sweden, the model : TF-F1043-08203 plus TELEGRAFNYCKEL.

A Swedish SRA / Ericsson Twin Contact Key c1940's.

"SRA / Ericsson key with two overhead contacts". Superb large key with smooth and quiet action c1940's. A joy to use. SRA in Swedish is = "Svenska Radio Aktiebolaget". SRA was formed by Ericsson in 1919 and the company located in Stockholm.

A Swedish SRA / Ericsson Single Contact Key.

"SRA / Ericsson key with one set of overhead contacts". Again a truly great long arm key. These keys are rarer than the twin contact ones c1940's possibly earlier. Note the two tall terminal screws that double as mounting screws to a pre-wired mounting surface. Very neat. Base dimensions are 125mm x 75mm x 20mm and the overall length of the key is 195mm.

A Scarce Swedish "SRA" Bug Key c1940.

A large sturdy bug key from SRA of Sweden c1940. The cast base measures 6" long by 3.75" wide by 1/2" deep (153mm by 94mm by 13mm) and is painted in grey crackle. The damper mechanism has a neat pendulum retaining clip plus the dot spring has a "spring tamer" clip. Contacts are quite large at 9mm Dia (that's a little over 1/8"). The overall design is most impressive and reminds me of both the McElroy bugs (the base, with its T Bar construction) and the Standard Radio Co. bug (the bolts and screws etc.). Jan / SM5LNE informs me that these SRA TYP BUG140's were sold as surplus in Sweden in the 1960's. Not sure of the date of manufacture though. Probably 40's / 50's. One of these rare keys is featured in Morsum Magnificat magazine Nr 41, page 25, 1995.

SRA was founded in 1919, and in 1927 Ericsson acquired a majority stake in SRA with Marconi as a minority owner.