.... I am extremely proud to have had a flying ace in my family. My uncle Tony flew Hurricanes and Spitfires during WW2, gaining numerous successes during many hours of operational flying.

RAF FLG/OFF Anthony "Tony" Snell 126717 of 43 (Fighter) Squadron 'The Fighting Cocks'.


RAF 43(F) Fighter Squadron.

FT/O..... To the left is Tony and "Kite" North Africa Jan. 1943. Not sure of exact Hurricane but probably his designated Squadron Code FT/O. Later in 1943 Tony flew Spitfires, including Spitfire IX MA572 FT-9


....Tony and a few pals.


    ....Pilots used a morse key to flash their lights for identification. On the left is an Air Ministry TYPE B. REF No5c/372 SWITCHBOX IDENTIFICATION as fitted to Hurricanes, Spitfires and many other RAF aircraft during WW2.


    Sketch by Tony Snell 1943. Personalities Nr3. "There I Was"