Can You Help Identify Any Of These ?

Absolutely any info would be much apreciated, as I know very little about them. If you can help, then please Email me. Thanks.


Marconi Marine Key. Above key has the main parts of a Marconi 365B marine key, with a smaller cast alloy base and bakelite type brown 1/8" thick upper & lower panels. The mini toggle switch acts as a circuit closer.

Is this a homebrewed Marconi 365B key or a Marconi model in its own right ?


1091. This mystery key is stamped "G.B.1091" on the base. .............. Maker = Marconi (?). Date = ?. It is so nice that I have created its own page on my website.

A very high quality small morse key marked "G.B.1091". Terminal screws are 3BA and the cover is cast aluminium ! Small parts are nickel plated brass, and the main frame and lever may be a cast aluminium alloy. The 4 base mounting screws & nuts are of a similar diameter to 3BA, but not 3BA. (finer thread - could be 1/8" BSF) Contacts are quite large at 3/16" Dia.

The only reference I can find to the id "G.B." is "GIBB JAS., & Co., Ltd." but that doesn't seem right. I feel the "G.B.1091" is the model, not the maker. Marconi style knob is 1" in Dia. Weight of key with wood base 220g ( 7 & 3/4 oz). The wood base measures 3 & 7/8" by 2 & 1/8" (99mm by 54mm) The key's black base is 2 & 3/4" by 1 & 5/8" (70mm by 41mm). The overall length of the key is 4 & 1/4" (108mm). Pretty sure this is a MARCONI UK key.

A key of extremely high quality and very tactile.


507. This mystery key has a most unique design! There is just one central pillar (instead of the regular two outer pillars) with a gap adjuster mechanism, and the main arm is literally designed around the pillar. The metal work is coated in matt black crackle finish paint that gives a nice matt "dried mud" effect, the base is ebonite, the knob and skirt also ebonite. The spring tensioner is right at the back of the key.
The ebonite base measures 4 & 3/8" by 2 & 7/8" ( 110mm by 73mm), the knob and skirt are 1 & 3/8" and 1 & 3/4" Dia. (35mm and 45mm).
Threads are 4BA and there are two small holes on the front edge of the base where a label was once attached that are 1 & 3/4" apart.
Info so far: Maker = Marconi (?). Used = an early type of Lifeboat Key used with an emergency lifeboat transmitter (?). Date = ?.


Mystery Key 138.
  • A large and sleek professional design but with no identification marks that I can see. The knob seems to have a 2BA screw and yet all other threads are metric. Pivot clamped with a 2mm hex socket (Allen key). Hole in side of base (to access with an Allen / hex key) holding spring retainer, 2mm. 2mm hex socket. Both the gap and tension screws are 4mm. Smaller Allen / hex key on side of arm, retaining contact. 1.5 mm (?) hex socket. Base size about 170mm by 82mm by 20mm. [6 & 5/8" by 3 & 1/4" by 3/4" deep]. and the weight is just over 1.5 K ( 3lbs). Main contacts = 10mm Dia. Screws (2) holding socket plate = 3mm Pozidriv (SupaDriv). Screws (4) holding underside = 3mm by 25mm long, Pozidriv (SupaDriv). Screws (2) holding underside wiring = 3mm by 21mm long, Pozidriv (SupaDriv).
  • Also has two interesting sockets for wiring. The sockets/connectors are by "LEMO" of the UK, and are the "Lemo 00 Series - Mini Coax" type. Very high grade connectors, and most unusual to say the least, to be fitted to a morse key.
    There is a hole on the right side that has a 2mm hex socket inside for clamping the lower contact. Underneath can be seen two threaded holes for bolting the key to a base. Also - note the two sockets to take 5mm plugs, I have not seen that type on a morse key b4.

    Surely there must be more than one of these great keys in existence ? Do you know of one ? Please let me know !



    usko...... This mystery key is a Flameproof key. Similar in design to the American J.H.Bunnell designed 26000 / 26003A keys. The owner - Walt / LW3EX is keen to find information on this intriguing key.

  • Walt has provided a little more information: "Body, Base plate & Lever = cast Aluminium. Shaft, adjusting Screws & Nuts = Carbon steel without any surface treatment. Knob & Skirt = Bakelite (a bit smaller in size than the 26003A model, but same design). Rear cable entry is a round nut in Brass with rubber gromet. Internal parts appear to be brass nickel plated."